Memorial Plaques

Memorial Plaques

Serving customers throughout the UK, we aim to provide you with a quality engraving service for brass memorial and commemorative plaques. A memorial plaque is a beautiful, lasting token of remembrance.

You can entrust our skilled engravers to provide not just precision engraving, but also a sensitive approach. As we’re Yorkshire folk, we also understand that this needs to be provided at an affordable cost too.

Whilst brass is the traditional material for commemorative plaques, it does take regular polishing to keep it at its best, and these days we can also engrave:

  • Stainless Steel Memorial Plaques
  • Aluminium Memorial Plaques
  • Stone Memorial Plaques
  • Corian Memorial Plaques
  • Acrylic Laminate Memorial Plaques

Usually, metal plaques are scratch engraved. However, it’s also possible to engrave deeper and fill the letters with colour, if that’s what you prefer.

Other options we offer include:

  • Wooden backing boards and tree stakes
  • Hole drilling free of charge
  • Decorative borders
  • Silhouette style pictures
  • Local installation service (for clients in the Leeds area)

Contact us┬átoday to discuss your needs – quotations and advice are freely available.